It took over a decade for Malaysia to pass her own data protection legislation. It will also take many forthcoming years for the stakeholders to be able to understand its principles, applications and practices – nationally and internationally. In view of this landscape, Quotient Consulting (QC) takes the lead to gather global data protection and privacy practitioners, experts, academics, consultants, commissioners and consumer advocates in the first of its kind Global Information Governance Summit (GIGS). At present, some of the Association of Southeast Asian Nation (ASEAN) member states are mirroring the similar strand to having their respective data protection and privacy legislation in place. This ongoing development is intriguing due to the ASEAN member states’ commitment towards the establishment and integration of ASEAN Economic Community by 2015.

On 13 November 2011, subsequent to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meeting hosted by President Obama in Honolulu, Hawaii, a historic milestone was achieved. The APEC leaders endorsed APEC Cross-Border Privacy Rules (CBPRs), which serves as the instrument of interoperability between the APEC members’ data protection regime. This is to manage, control, facilitate and formalise international data transfers. The structure for detailed implementation of the CBPRs will be made known subsequent to the APEC meeting hosted by Russia at Vladivostok in 2012.

Paradoxically, future economic booms and hopes have shifted its focus towards Asia. This leads to daunting challenge and greater responsibility for Asia to cope with, especially from the context of data protection and privacy. Although data protection and privacy is not new to Asia, nonetheless, such call for harmonisation, strong governance and acclaiming accountability is indispensable.

Technology, being the enticing enabler poses sophisticated challenges to all of us. QC predicts that future technologies will invite baggage and host of interdisciplinary challenges, which require workable answers. In order to seek these future answers and the unanswered solutions to the present complexities between technology, data protection and privacy, QC gathers multidisciplinary speakers and moderators across the globe through GIGS to address these. It will be an avenue of learning and transfer of knowledge, and in a long term, to preaching the best practices from the lessons learned.

QC, as the lead host, is humbly honoured to invite you to participate in the 2-day GIGS 2013 event at Kuala Lumpur, from 28th - 29th May 2013. It will be an event of knowledge sharing, networking, cross-selling, capacity building, collaboration and consultation across diversity of stakeholders. We also warmly extend our welcoming note: “Selamat Datang ke Malaysia” – Welcome to Malaysia. Mesmerise yourselves to the land of multicultural heritage, tradition and diversity. From our modern administrative capital of Putrajaya, which is within the travelling reach to Malaysia’s Multimedia Super Corridor Cyberjaya and to our vibrant global capital city of Kuala Lumpur.

QC together with its benevolent sponsors, partners and friends welcome you to Malaysia, Truly Asia!

Noriswadi Ismail
Co-Founder / Managing Consultant
Quotient Consulting