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The 2017 International Tropical Geoingeering & Groundwater Symposium is designed to serve a platform to further deepen dialogue on complex issues of geoengineering in tropical region. The symposium promotes sharing of experience in evaluating the often intricate projects and programs aimed at the nexus between climate change and development. It focused on the way in which efforts to mitigate climatic changes or to adapt to changes are tied into, support and promote sustainable development.

There will be Experts Speakers for every session (Earthquake, Geotechnical Design, Groundwater & Geohazards and Geoinformation) to share their knowledge and expertise. The events all have one common goal: to provide access to an effective learning platform to those who want to gain more knowledge and share ideas about Tropical Geoengineering & Groundwater. Practitioner, industries, academicians, researchers, and post-graduate students in geotropical engineering are welcome to attend this symposium.