About SieQA
This seminar is organized by the Malaysian Higher Education Institutions Quality Assurance Network (MyQAN) in partnership with Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) and appointed local university on a yearly basis. Since its inception, the following SieQA seminars have been organized:

  • Seminar on Internal-External Quality Assurance 2014 (SieQA) - 30 September 2014, Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA)
  • Seminar on Internal-External Quality Assurance (SieQA) II 2015 - 18 & 19 August 2015, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)
  • Seminar on Internal-External Quality Assurance (SieQA) III 2016 - 21 & 22 September 2016, Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN)
  • Seminar on Internal-External Quality Assurance (SieQA) IV 2017 - 26 & 27 September 2017, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR)
  • Seminar on Internal-External Quality Assurance (SieQA 2018) - 17 & 18 October 2018, KPJ Healthcare University College (KPJUC)

In early 2013, the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) conducted a survey to gather feedback on the need to create a quality assurance network among higher education institutions (HEIs) in Malaysia. The result of the survey indicated a strong preference for such a network to be established in order to provide a formal platform for HEIs to communicate and interact with key stakeholders for matters pertaining to education quality.
In the ensuing meeting held on 18th September 2013, YBhg. Dato’ Dr. Syed Ahmad Hussein, the former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MQA mooted the formation of a quality assurance network to represent all HEIs in Malaysia. Fourteen HEIs were elected to the Pro Tem Committee. Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, which was represented by Professor Ir. Dr. Shahrir Abdullah, Director of the Centre for Quality Assurance, was elected as Chairman of the Pro Tem Committee. Members agreed that the pro tem committee shall have an ex-officio member from the MQA.
The Pro Tem Committee was tasked to develop the code of ethics, vision, mission, membership and terms of reference of the network. These are to be tabled for member's endorsement in a general meeting, to be held a year from 18th September 2013.
The first general meeting of the Malaysian Quality Assurance Network (MyQAN) was held on 30th September 2014. The meeting was chaired by the Chairman of the Pro Tem Committee. The meeting was attended by the Heads of Quality Assurance of HEIs in Malaysia. It was officiated by Ybhg Dato' Dr. Syed Ahmad Hussein. The draft MyQAN Code of Ethics was presented by the Pro Tem Committee and subsequently endorsed by members. The present composition of Office Bearers and Committee Members were elected at this meeting for a term of two years.
MyQAN aims to nurture a sustainable and matured quality assurance system and culture among higher education institutions in Malaysia.

To be a distinguished quality assurance network in the region.

To serve as a peer network of quality assurance representatives of higher education institutions (HEIs) in Malaysia, with the goals of strengthening internal quality assurance processes, sharing good practices and a platform for engaging with government agencies and other stakeholders in advancing quality assurance knowledge, policies and practices.


  1. Serve as a platform for discussing quality matters and sharing good practices among higher education institutions (HEIs) in Malaysia;
  2. Strengthen internal quality assurance (IQA) systems of HEIs in Malaysia;
  3. Engage with regulators and other stakeholders pertaining to quality matters, nationally and internationally; and
  4. Represent HEIs in building linkages and collaborations with international institutions that are strategic and mutually beneficial.

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