You are cordially invited to attend and participate in this International Conference on UAV in Geoinformation & Aeronautics 2014 (UAVga 2014) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia by presenting paper, joining the discussions, or exhibiting your geoinformation products or UAV platforms and software and services.

The conference covers the following aspects of geoinformation & aeronautics (but not limited to):



The planed session will comprise the following topics:

  • UAV Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Lidar
  • UAV for Mapping Applications
  • UAV applications (Topographic, Agriculture, Forestry, Geosciense, Safety Hazard and etc.)
  • UAV for Teaching and Training for Photogrammetry & Remote Fusion
  • Policy & Laws Related to UAV Operation
  • Sensor Fusion or Integration
  • Guidance, Navigation Control
  • Mission Payload and Augmenting Sensors
  • UAV System Integration and Operations
  • Other Related Fields



The planned session will comprise the following topics

  • UAV Conceptual Design and Mission Requirements
  • UAV Aerodynamics, Stability and Performance
  • UAV Airframe, Structures and Materials
  • Instrumentation, Data-Link and Communication
  • Flight Control, Autopilot and Autonomous System
  • Flight Dynamic, Simulation and Flight Testing
  • Powerplant and Propulsion System
  • UAV Certification and Airworthiness
  • Micro UAV
  • Other Related Fields