Organized by:

Faculty of Computer Science And Information Systems
Wroclaw University of Technology
Research Alliance on K-Economy

In cooperation with:

Nguyen Tat Thanh University

Conference Scope

The proceedings of ACIIDS 2013 will be published by Springer in series of Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence LNAI (indexed by DBLP, EI, Scopus, and Thomson ISI).

The scope of the conference includes, but not limited to, the following topics:

1. Intelligent Information Systems:

Artificial intelligence, Distributed Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Agents and Multi-Agent Systems, Hybrid Intelligent Systems, Information technologies and measurement, Intelligent optimization techniques, Intelligent techniques in Bioinformatics, Computational Intelligence, Intelligent Internet Systems, Intelligent Software Systems, Intelligent Energy Systems, Game and Decision Theories, Planning, Neurocomputers, Parallel Computation, Robotics and Autonomous Robots, Automation Systems and Control, Ontologies and Information Sharing, Development and management of heterogeneous knowledge bases, Computational Nanotechnology.

2. Intelligent Database Systems:

Database management technologies, Heterogeneous and distributed databases, Mobile databases, Temporal databases, Active and dynamic databases, Semi-structured and XML-able database systems, Object-relational DBMS, Data inconsistency processing, Data conflict solving, Method engineering and meta-modeling, Objected-oriented database systems, Unified Modeling Language and unified processes, Data warehousing and data mining, Database models and query languages, Database security and integrity, Database support for virtual teams and mobile collaboration, E-business and m-commerce models and architectures, Empirical software engineering, Enterprise systems and supply chain integration, Extreme modeling and extreme programming, Information retrieval systems, Intelligent information systems, Information modeling and requirements engineering.

3. Tools and Applications:

Collaborative Learning, Collaborative Systems and Applications, Simulation systems, Speech and Natural Language Processing, Artificial social systems, Autonomic computing, Case studies and reports on deployments, Computational infrastructures, Information retrieval, Web services and semantic web, E-learning systems, E-institutions, E-commerce, E-finance.