Publication Opportunity


All presenters at ALAPP 2019, held in Kuala Lumpur between 23-25 September 2019, and hosted by UCSI University, Malaysia & Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, are encouraged to submit written versions of their work for possible inclusion in Journal of Applied Linguistics and Professional Practice (JALPP). Panel organisers may consider proposing special issues, for which there are specific guidelines.

Note that all submissions will go through the routine peer review system. The guidelines for online submission can be accessed here .

If a sufficient number of accepted submissions is reached, a special issue will be designated to comprise ALAPP 2019 presentations. Alternatively, accepted individual manuscripts will appear in regular issues.

The deadline for submission is 20 December 2019. Please mark your manuscript as ALAPP 2019 submission.

All queries can be directed at

Very best wishes

Srikant Sarangi
ALAPP Founding Advisor
Editor, Journal of Applied Linguistics and Professional Practice