Welcome to Asia Learning And Thinking 2007

ALAT 07 is a workshop with a difference! Why? Because its focuses on the power of participation. Everyone who attends this 2 days workshop will be able to contribute their ideas and thoughts on learning and thinking through the use of 7 types of facilitation techniques the workshop sessions are orchestrated by facilitators who are experienced in their respective fields.

The term facilitation literally translated means to help make easier, or to provide facilities that enable others to perform better. The concept of group facilitation infers that someone - the group leader/trainer or coordinator takes on an enabling role so a group can work more effectively. This person can be called Facilitator. They will to help extract the pearls, gems and jewels of thinking and learning from the group.

Each facilitator will present some key concepts related to the 7 topics and conduct highly interactive sessions to capture the collective wisdom of the group. Participants can later review and share these with their organizations or clients. A mini exhibition of relevant training, learning, thinking, and facilitation resources will also be available.

All delegates will receive a 300 page book written by Dr Peter Shephard on Learning and Thinking & Personality Profile

Workshop Coordinators And Facilitators From Brain Dynamics Global
Dr. Shephard Dr. Asma Andrew Pang

Register for ALAT 2007 now at only RM888.00 per delegate.

Group Package for 3 or more are available. Please enquire. (*Applicable only if from same organization).

Fees include: Morning & afternoon refreshments; 2-day workshop with a Personality Profile and a 300 page book.

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