Che Sobry Abdullah was born on the 1st of February 1955 in Kampong Hutan Stali, Mukim Tunjang, Jitra, Kedah. He received his primary education from Sultan Ahmad Tajuddin Primary School and secondary education from Sekolah Menengah Jitra and Sultan Abdul Hamid College in Kedah. He holds a PhD in the field of Civil Engineering (in 1989) and MSc in Construction Engineering (1981) both from the University of Leeds. Prior, he obtained his Diploma (first class) and Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering (second class upper) from University of Technology Malaysia (1976) and the University of Strathclyde at Glasgow (1979), respectively.

He has been serving as an academic staff at university level for almost 32 years, which began at University of Technology Malaysia (UTM) in 1976 as an assistant lecturer, lecturer in 1982 and promoted to Associate Professor in 1991. In 1996 was seconded to Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) to start and lead the School of Engineering that unfortunately did not gain approval from government and eventually dissolved. Even so, he stayed at UUM to continue his academic career and in 2000 he was promoted as a Professor at the Faculty of Technology Management where he is currently serving.

He held several administrative positions while in UTM and UUM. This included as the Head of the Construction Laboratory, Head of the Academic Panel, Head of Department at the Faculty of Civil Engineering. At university level he was the Assistant Director for the Bureau of Innovation and Consultation, and also as the Consultation Manager of Unitechnologies Sdn. Bhd., a company owned by UTM. He has vast experiences in academic curriculum development at various levels, as well as infrastructures and facilities development such as Engineering Laboratories. He was responsible in establishing UTM’s Graduate Studies Centre. He was also directly involved in the setting up of the Polytechnic Staff Training Centre that is now upgraded to Tun Hussein Onn University. He was actively involved in various technical and the Malaysian Standard committee on concrete and brick technology and had considerably contributed to the Engineering Terminology Committee in the field of Civil Engineering. As the Assistant Director for the Bureau of Innovation and Consultation, he was responsible for managing, planning, and implementing all the consultation work, which were valued millions of Ringgit carried out by the UTM’s academic staff. At UUM, he had been the Acting Dean of the School (now Faculty) of Information Technology. He was responsible for the development and formation of Technology Management and Decision Science programmes, which now have their own faculties. He was also the Dean of Faculty of Technology Management at UUM.

He has been active in research and consultation works. Most of his research works are in the areas of concrete technology and brick construction. To date, he has completed four IRPA National grants and several contract researches.. He was also the first recipient of the EC research grant (now European Union) and had successfully completed a number of studies under the university grant. Most of his previous research works were more technical in nature that generally involved laboratory experiments; however, his current research focuses more towards management and business, but still is related to the construction industry. Some of his works were published in prominent journals and proceedings in the field of bricks and concrete, such as the Magazine of Concrete Research and Masonry International.

As a fully qualified professional engineer (P. Eng.), he has been active in consulting works, most of which are related to Structural Engineering Forensics particularly on concrete structures. Some of these projects include the structural evaluation of two (2) buildings in Sabah, structural assessment of three (3) bridges in Bandar Melaka, and the condition study on the 17 storeys Bukit Cagar Flats in Johore, following the ‘water tank’ incident. He also serves as an expert consultant to IKRAM (Public Works Department Institute) and a company that is responsible for the structural monitoring of the Penang Bridge.

He has been member of several professional and non-professional organisations at both the national and international levels. He was the founder member of three (3) national associations, namely the Concrete Society of Malaysia and the Institution of Engineers Malaysia, Kedah-Perlis Branch and the Technology Management Society of Malaysia.

Presently, he is a Professor at the newly restructured College of Business at UUM and is the Chairman of IPTA/IPTS Consul of Dean and Professors in Technology Management..