Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference (APSEC 2009)
Co-located Event

Research-Industry-Academia (RIA) Discussion/Networking
30 November 2009

Session Template


Participating industry practitioners, researchers or academicians can draft a one-page synopsis on an A4 paper based on the main topics or the sub-topics listed or any other highlighted issues they might encounter or query.

1. Nature of possible or planned collaboration area/topic:

  • Introduction
  • Problem domain
  • Proposed solution/ research idea
  • Collaboration opportunities
  • etc. (introductory level)

2. Issues in collaborative projects:

  • Distribution of activities
  • Time/schedule mapping
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Types of collaboration
  • etc.

3. Sponsorship/Grant applications:

  • Requirements from sponsoring bodies/agencies
  • Application proposals
  • Budgeting
  • etc.

4. Property rights application and ownership

5. Any other highlighted issues

E-mail the synopsis to Dr Rodziah Atan: latest by 16 November 2009 for a compilation.

The synopsis will be uploaded via the website and to be displayed during RIA session and APSEC 2009. All participating individuals are encouraged to join the session for a discussion or a networking with potential partners. Participants with tools may also have a demonstration during the session. Please register and pay the additional fee RM150 on top of conference fee to join this session. The fee also enables participants to join other co-located workshops or the tutorial.

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