The challenges of geotechnical and transportation engineers in today’s world are complex, daunting and often extremely demanding. Notwithstanding, engineers have to balance innovation with sustainability because the consequences of unsustainable development and their attendant environmental impact are far too serious. Therefore, the organising committee of ‘Geotropika 2010’ has chosen an appropriate, appealing and relevant theme that draws attention to sustainability in today’s world for a better tomorrow.

The conference theme is “Sustainability in Geotechnical and Transportation Engineering”. As we continue to consume the earth crust exponentially and deplete its natural resources dangerously in our quest for qualitative life, there is an urgent need to pause and take inventory of the environmental impact of our actions. In urban areas, qualitative has given way to quantitative life as we attempt to meet increasing transportation demand and their attendant environmental problems. The problems of emission of greenhouse gases which contribute to climate change, air, water and noise pollutions are real; their damaging effects must be mitigated.

At GEOTROPIKA 2010 we shall be discussing issues on sustainability in geotechnical and transportation engineering. It is a portal for all professionals, practising engineers, researchers, and students to access myriad of innovations and exchange ideas on ground breaking research outcomes. It is supported by Public Works Department, Malaysia, Construction Industry Development Board, Malaysia and the Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM). It follows a long tradition of robust conference organisations, precision planning and successful implementation.

Who Should Attend

Professionals involved in Geotechnical and Highway Engineering as well as in construction industry are cordially invited
to participate.

 Engineers
 Geologists
 Researchers and Graduate Students
 Academicians
 Consultants
 Contractors
 Directors and Project Managers
 Other Related Professionals