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   The rapid and continuous growth of information and communication technology (ICT) has changed the way society and businesses behave. We have witness how computer, Internet, and mobile technology influence people's life and the way businesses conduct their activities. Today, the term "Digital Ecosystems" becomes the center of discussion for future advanced ICT-based economy. It is about maximising ICT capability for enhancing collaboration within society and community.

   The impact of ICT to individual user, society as well as businesses varies. These include the way those parties behave, doing transaction, and conducting businesses. Information Systems (IS) is the sub-field of computer science. It is primarily focusing on exploring and examining the complex interrelationship between people and businesses and the challenges in establishing ICT infrastructure for these entities. The expansion of study in IS also includes understanding the impact of ICT to society and businesses in dealing with their routine activities. Thus, IS becomes a field which plays an important role in revealing significant knowledge through investigations on complex social and business behaviour and the requirements for ICT development as enabler. Due to these reasons, the Information Systems Department, Faculty of Computer Science and Information System, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia is committed to organize the International Conference on Research and Innovation in Information Systems (ICRIIS'09) hosted in Johor, Malaysia on December 8-9, 2009.

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   ICRIIS'09 is an international event aims at allowing researchers from IS field around the globe to share their research views, results and the most current development of concepts, theories and technologies to realize the practicality of ICT as enabler that support social and businesses activities. We anticipate there will be 150 participants for this event. The committee members and the participants are well-known people in their respective areas of expertise. Thus, it is a great opportunity to be part of ICRIIS'09.

   For further details and enquiries, you can contact us at +607 5532425
(mobile: +019 7453646) or email to

We look forward to see you at the ICRIIS'09.


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