Call for Papers

The rapid and continuous growth of information and communication technology (ICT) has changed the way society and businesses communicate and behave. In 1980's, people and businesses used computers for typing purposes and processing data. Once, the Internet is opened to public in early 1990's, people and businesses started using email as communication channel, searching information via website, chatting through online forum, and do transactions in the virtual world. Today, wireless and mobile technologies are used widely. It has led to performing transactions remotely and promoting the use of hand-held devices. Such transactions include as examples, toll payment at highway using RFID technology and the use of SMS as a medium to improve customer relationship. With the emergence of IT-based or digital economy, the term "Digital Ecosystems" has been recognized as a center of discussion for future advanced ICT-based economy.

It is very clear that ICT gives direct impact to the individual user, society as well as businesses. The impact also varies which may include the way those parties behave, doing transactions, and conducting businesses. Information Systems (IS) which is a sub-field of computer science primarily focusing on the study and research on people and businesses as well as impacts in using and developing ICT, plays an important role in revealing significant knowledge related to these issues.

Taking the opportunity of the rapid and continuous growth of ICT, the Information Systems Department, Faculty of Computer Science and Information Systems, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) has embarked to organize the International Conference on Research and Innovation in Information Systems (ICRIIS'09). The theme for the first ICRIIS'09 is "K-Communities through Digital Ecosystem". This theme is chosen in realization that it inspired multi-disciplinary IS research and innovation areas such as Social Computing and K-Community, Enterprise Computing, IT Adoption and Impact, Electronic Services, IT Governance as well as fundamental IS research.

ICRIIS'09 will be hosted in Johor, a vibrant and developed state in the southern peninsular of Malaysia. The organizers cordially invite scientists and practitioners in academia, industry and government to share, network and present their latest findings in IS research and innovation that are related to the conference theme "K-Communities through Digital Ecosystem". ICRIIS'09 welcomes contributions in areas including but not limited to:

Social Computing and K-Community

  • Social Integration and Networks
  • Social Network Analysis and Methodologies
  • Social Network Services and Technologies
  • Cognitive Interfaces
  • Human Collectives Intelligence
  • Social Information Processing
  • User and Social Profiling
  • Knowledge Networking, Mapping and Modeling
  • Knowledge Innovation and Discovery
  • Human-centered Collaborative Platform
  • Social Interactivity and Virtuality
  • Privacy and security in social computing

Enterprise Computing

  • Enterprise Application and Integration
  • Database and Data Warehousing
  • Decision Making
  • Green computing
  • Information Systems and Applications
  • Knowledge Management
  • Quality Management
  • Privacy and security in enterprise computing
  • Service-oriented collaboration

IT Adoption and Impact on the Future

  • Open source computing
  • Issues and challenges in IS adoption and diffusion
  • Usage and post-adoption behavior
  • Theories and concepts in IS adoption and diffusion
  • Strategies in IS adoption and diffusion
  • IS success factors

Electronic Services

  • E-Business
  • E- Commerce
  • E-Government
  • E-Procurement
  • E-Health
  • E-Learning
  • Mobile Applications
  • Privacy and security

IT Governance

  • Standardization issues in ICT
  • Alignment of IT with Business
  • IT governance framework
  • The role and contribution of IT to business
  • Risk and disaster management
  • ICT through outsourcing
  • IT Resources and Performance management
  • Prioritization, justification and control on IT Investments
  • IT investments, change projects and service delivery
  • Service Level Agreements
  • IT Governance Transparency and Accountability
  • Measurement and Audit of Outcome through IT Governance

Fundamental IS Research

  • IS philosophies
  • Diversity of IS Research Approaches and methodologies
  • Qualitative and quantitative in IS research
  • Contributions from interpretive IS case studies
  • Organization Theory, Strategy and IS
  • IS Design Theory and Research
  • Data collection and statistical analysis in IS research
  • Theoretical bridge between the IS field and other scientific disciplines

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