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Global warming and the depletion of non-renewable resources have highlighted the importance of sustainable mobility and green technologies. Transport systems have significant impacts on the environment, accounting around 25% of world energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. Greenhouse gas emissions from transport are increasing at a faster rate than any other energy using sector. On top of that, road transport is also a major contributor to local air pollution and smog. Due to these alarming scenario, International Conference on Sustainable Mobility 2010 (ICSM 2010) is aimed at providing opportunities for participants to exchange ideas, findings, promote knowledge sharing and co-operate in the field of sustainable mobility.


The seminar objectives are:


Conference Focus


Target Participant

This conference is specially meant for academicians, students, government agencies, corporate bodies and non-governmental organizations that are directly involved with mobility industry. As such all relevant parties mentioned above are welcome to participate in the conference. The conference is also expecting 300-400 participants, 150 papers presented and 50 Poster papers.