The Integrated Water Resources Management has become widely accepted as a key to sustainable water management. It requires integration both within and between the natural and the human system. The water sub-sectors that deserve constant attention and urgent effective action from stakeholders at all levels are Coastal and Marine Management, Dam and Reservoirs, Groundwater, Irrigation and Drainage, River Basin Management, International Waters, Water and Environment, Water Economics and Institutions, Water Supply and Sanitation, and Watershed Management.

   Climate variability has a direct and fundamental bearing on water resources and its management. The by-products of industrial and agricultural activities were recognized as potential causes to climate change in the form of global warming. The impacts are the extreme weather conditions of floods and droughts have become more frequent in many countries in the recent decade and Malaysia is not excluded from this phenomena. The climate change and its variability will exacerbate vulnerability of water resources unless innovative management practices to help cope with, and adapt to, these changes are put in place. A new management approach shall be explored that moves beyond technical quick fixes towards a more adaptive style that is inclusive and innovative.

   This ICWR-09 conference will seek and offer the best platform to bring forward research findings, case studies, success stories, recent advances in planning and design methodologies and examples of improved water management policies, institutions, strategies and practices.

Who Should Attend

   The conference aims to bring academicians, engineers, researchers, graduate students, professionals, government agencies, consultants, contractors, decision makers, policy makers, NGOs, interested individual and organisations together for exchange of views and experiences on water resources.


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