ICWR 2009 Themes

Flood Management
  • Socio-economic and environmental impacts of flood
  • Flood hazard management plan
  • Floodplain management and flood risk mapping
  • Flood mitigation and innovative control measures
  • Dam and reservoirs as flood control structures
  • Rainfall modelling and flood forecasting system
  • Coping with climate change and adaptive measures
  • Management capacity for sustainable infrastructure
  • Urban stormwater and rainwater harvesting

Water Supply and Water Economics
  • Reservoir management and water supply
  • Groundwater management and modelling
  • Groundwater for drinking and irrigation
  • Water supply and sanitation
  • Water management and irrigation system
  • Water distribution system and modelling tools
  • Sustainability and competitiveness investment
  • Conservation and water use efficiency
  • Water for food and irrigated agricultural land
  • Economics analysis of water and modelling tools
  • Stochastic programming and bargaining theory
  • Water and hydropower generation

Watershed Management
  • Multiobjective planning and management
  • River engineering and sediment transport
  • River-reservoir and ecosystem management
  • Coping with climate change impact
  • International water laws and treaties
  • Integrated river basin management
  • Forest hydrology and peat soil management
  • Remote sensing, GIS and AI applications
  • Information management system
  • System analysis in water resources

Water Related Natural Disaster
  • Tsunami modelling and regional disaster
  • Coastal flooding and defence
  • Erosion and land stability
  • Numerical methods application
  • Sea level rise and adaptation strategy
  • Reports on the costs of damages and disruption
  • Global warming and drought management strategy
  • Disaster risk management

Environment and Coastal Zone Management
  • Coastal and ocean climate variation
  • Aquatic biodiversity maintenance
  • Contamination of lakes, rivers and wetland ecosystems
  • Coastal and marine management
  • Port structure and navigation channel
  • Climate variability and modelling
  • Integrated coastal zone management
  • Environmental hydraulics and hydrology
  • Water pollution and ecosystem degradation
Adaptive Softcomputing Techniques & Applications
  • Fundamental of Soft Computing & Optimization
  • Adaptive Fuzzy Systems
  • Adaptive Neural Networks
  • Neuro-Fuzzy Systems
  • Neuro-Rough Systems
  • Neuro-Fuzzy
  • Genetic Systems
  • Data Mining & Intelligent Information Retrieval
  • Intelligent Software Agent Systems and Architectures
  • Evolutionary Computing & Artificial Immune Systems


Organized By:

With the collaboration of:

Department Irrigation & Drainage (DID)

National Hydraulic Research Institute of Malaysia (NAHRIM)

Langkawi Development Authority (LADA)
Supported By:

Humid Tropics Centre
Kuala Lumpur (HTCKL)

International Association of Hydraulic Engineering  & Research (IAHR)

United Nations Education Scientific & Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

International Hydrological Programme (IHP)

Malaysian Hydrological Society
Tourism Malaysia
Langkawi Geopark