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Water is not only an essential component of life supporting systems, but also an important element for food security, economic development and global sustainability. Ever increasing water demand and gradual reduction of freshwater resources have changed the water supply-demand balance and threatened economic development in many river basins around the world. Sustainable solutions to global change challenges on water resources and environment are essential for the well-being and even the survival of future generations.

With the growth of human populations, economic developments and agriculture expansions of many countries around the world are rapidly reaching conditions of water scarcity and facing limits to economic development. The situation is expected to exaggerate in the forthcoming years due to the negative impacts from global climate change.

The widespread scarcity, gradual destruction and aggravated pollution of freshwater resources demand sustainable solutions to global change challenges on water resources and environment to ensure continuous and sufficient supply of the standard quality of water to the growing population and developing economies. The solutions must consider all types of interrelated freshwater bodies, including both surface water and groundwater, and duly consider water quantity and quality aspects. Furthermore, the multi-sectoral nature of water resources development, management and planning for socio-economic development such as agriculture, industry, urban development, power generation, sanitation, poverty alleviation, coastal zone management, inland fisheries, transportation, recreation, low and flat lands management, and other activities must be recognized.

The 3rd International Conference on Water Resources (ICWR-2015) aims to bring together the academics, scientists, leading engineers, researchers, water managers, government officials and practitioners from wide range of disciplines working on water resources and sustainability science to collaborate, communicate, and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of sustainable water resources management.

The conference will be a platform to understand the existing water resources management strategies adopted in Malaysia compared to those in other countries across the world. The conference invites physical scientists, biologists, computer scientists, mathematicians, economists, ecologists, tourism managers, and social and political scientists working in the fields related to water resources and sustainability to share knowledge on “Sustainable Solutions to Global Change: Challenges on Water and Environmental Security”

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