All Papers have been published as conference proceedings IHP-VIII Technical Documents in Hydrology by UNESCO & Selected Papers have been published in Journal of Water and Climate Change, IWA Publishing (Scopus and WoS Indexed Journal)


Water is not only an essential component of life supporting systems, but also an important element for food security, economic development and global sustainability. Ever increasing water demand and gradual reduction of water resources have changed the water supply-demand balance and threatened not only economic developments, but also livelihood. The 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda centers around health since it is both a major contributor and beneficiary of sustainable development policies. As health, economic, social and environmental progress are inter-related, water is indispensable and plays an important role to provide sustainable developments in all fields.

The 4th International Conference on Water Resources (ICWR-2018) aims to bring together the academics, scientists, leading engineers, researchers, water managers, government officials and practitioners from wide range of disciplines working on water resources and sustainability science to collaborate, communicate, and share their experiences and research results, to reiterate the importance of managing water resources and to reestablish virtue and harmonizing the natural order of life through knowledge.

The conference will be a platform to understand the existing water resources management strategies adopted in Malaysia compared to those in other countries across the world. The conference invites physical scientists, biologists, computer scientists, mathematicians, economists, ecologists, tourism managers, and social and political scientists working in the fields related to water resources and sustainability to share knowledge on "Water as Resources and for Livelihood".

Selected Papers will be Published in Journal of Water and Climate Change, IWA Publishing (Scopus and Wos Indexed Journal).

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