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Dr Peter Shephard

Educated in the UK, NZ, Australia and the USA. He consults and facilitates internationally. He is a researcher and author of 5 books in the Behaviourial Sciences. He is also a Trustee of the CREDO Trust and Curricula Advisor to Cambridge Global Learning, Edumind and Director of Brain Dynamics Global.


Dr Asma Abdullah

A cultural anthropologist with 9 years in education and 22 years in HR with a US multinational. Educated in Malaysia, Australia and the USA. She consults and facilitates on culture in learning and management. Also teaches at postgraduate level and has authored 5 books on Malaysian culture.


Dr Michel Gagne

He is a Director of Coaching-Asia with offices in South East Asia. He is a Certified Master Coach, offering Coaching Certification. His doctoral study was in the area of mental performance. Michel brings a global perspective to this topic, having worked in all five continents.


Mr Lee Milstein

Lee is qualified as a Certified Professional Facilitator by the International Association of Facilitators (IAF). He specializes in multi-cultural facilitation, training, consulting and coaching. Having travelled, resided, worked and trained in more than 35 countries, he brings a unique set of skills and experience.


Dr Taufik Pasiak

He is a medical practitioner and lecturer at the University of Unsrat Manado, Indonesia. Authored books on the Rational and Intuitive Brain and The Secret of Brain Development, based on the KORAN and Neuroscience. He also specializes in Quantum Learning and Health


Dr Jeannette Vos

As a learning consultant, researcher and co-author of the best seller, The Learning Revolution, she has trained thousands of people on accelerated, integrative and conceptual learning methods. As a leader in this area, she has spent more than ten years, giving presentations and training globally.


Dr Suresh Marcandan

Has been in HR consulting for over 15 years, providing executive search services in Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, India and Sri Lanka. He is currently CEO of People Power International. He has practical experience of Action Learning in Education, as his doctoral study used action learning.


Dr Cameron Richards

Has worked in universities in Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore. He is a visiting Professor with University of Technology, Malaysia. He now focuses on new possibilities for educational technology that helps students develop more effective models of knowledge building.


Dr Suraya Sulaiman

Specializes in creativity, energy and stress management, with a UK certificate in stress management. She is a medical practioner as well a facilitator, interested in blending knowledge from brain science, health sciences and natural health, to help people to achieve higher performance.


Dr Jan Roodt

He is based at the Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec), New Zealand. He holds a D.Phil and has been Director of Quality at Wintec. Jan is familiar with the education sector and was in 2008, project sponsor at Wintec for the trial of a new national quality assurance system introduced by the NZQA.