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Conference Philosophy

And Methodology

ILAT models learning as it should be. Short, stimulating sessions that are highly interactive, capturing highlights in a learning journal.

10 Key Benefits

1. Attend ILAT and sharpen your ability in “learning how to learn”
2. Learn from 10 facilitators from 10 countries on 10 important aspects of learning.
3. Benchmark best practices of cultural relevence in teaching and learning globally.
4. Compare own challenges and experiences with around 300 other professionals.
5. Share,learn and network with peers and learning specialists from around the world
6. Update yourself on findings from latest research into brain, learning and thinking
7. Learn some new facilitation techniques that you can use professionally
8. Bring back some useful books, materials and earn 20 credits towards a post graduate certificate/diploma or Master’s degree
9. Establish a new network of people who can become a life long resource
10. Finally, you deserve a break! Have fun learning. Renew and Return. Re-energised to introduce Learning Innovations that work