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Science has always been a part and parcel of the Islamic civilization. However, there remain fundamental and epistemological differences between the concept of science in the Islamic perspective and to those perceived by the West. While the West has always maintained the valueless, objective, total empirical as well as secularized concept of science, Islam has viewed science as an instrument to find the ultimate truth (al-Haq) through investigation and exploration without the resentment towards spirituality and the added value of tauhidic paradigm which has always been the strength of the Islamic sciences. Thus with its holistic approach, Islamic sciences is able to serve as rahmatan lil ‘alamin.

In accordance to the aspiration of the nation to be a developed and industrialized nation by the year 2020 inspired by the Islam Hadhari approach, the rediscovery and strengthening of science and technology from the Islamic perspective is vital of unparallel importance. Efforts has to be harnessed to put forward the idea of a scientific approach which could be promote global peace and tolerance, serve humanity and above all worship the true one God, Allah the AlMighty. It is time to honour the great Muslim scholars and scientists of the past and introspect into the future where Muslims could once again be at the helm of knowledge and wisdom which has for the past several millineas conquered by the West.

  • To explore and revisit the glory of Islamic sciences and technological advancement both in the past and the present.
  • As an introspective vision in discovering the planning, execution and direction of research and development in science and technology in the Muslim world.
  • To create a workable networking amongst academicians and scholars in science and technology in the Islamic world and thus enhance cooperation and togetherness to strive for excellence.
  • To provide a platform for intellectual discourses, discussions and exchange of ideas in contemporary issues related to science and technology from the Islamic view.
  • To put forward the Islamic understanding of science and technology with a tauhidic paradigm to the global society.

Scope of Conference
  • Philosophy, Concept and Theories of Islamic Science.
  • Education in Islamic Science and Technology.
  • Issues on Islamic Science and Technology.
  • The History of Islamic Science and Civilization.
  • Scientific Miracles (I`jaz) in the Qur`an.
  • Science and Technology in The Malay Archipelago.

Centre for Islamic Studies and Social Development, UTM
Since its establishment Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) has committed itself to developing and enhancing various academic programs in the area of science and technology in Malaysia. The University has also been a major contributor towards research and development (R & D) and industrial technology.

The Centre for Islamic Studies and Social Development (CISSD) is formed with the aim to offer the University`s subjects on general studies. The Centre is also responsible to enhance an Islamic social environments as well as to co ordinate Islamic activities at all levels in the campus with the mission to inculcate Islamic education and spirit in profesional life. Furthermore, it aims at producing Muslim individuals who are responsible and committed to Islam and its cause.

After the announcement of the establishment of Fuat Sezgin Chair of Science and Technology in Islam, the Centre is held responsible to design a new program at Master and PhD level in Islamic Science and it is expected to commence in 2009.

Who Should Attend
  • Academicians
  • Scientist
  • Representatives of government & private sectors as well as the related NGOs, researchers and students