We are inviting new and unpublished papers on, but not limited to, the following topics:

    • Biometrics modalities and technologies
    • Biometrics systems security and privacy
    • Biometrics legislation and governance
    • Innovations in biometric technologies
    • Biometric applications
    • Biometrics social impact and usability
    • Biometrics and cryptography

  • Biometrics Technologies

  • Face, gait, vein, fingerprint, palmprint, speech, voice, iris, signature, multimodal biometric fusion

  • Biometrics Performance Evaluation

  • Confidence interval estimation, performance modeling and prediction, protocols and benchmarks, standards

  • Biometrics Applications

  • Travel and transportation, homeland security, banking and finance, maritime/airport security, automobile security, RFID and smart cards, boarder control, healthcare, access control, law enforcement, cybersecurity, encryption and  watermarking

Security Technologies:

    • Cybersecurity
    • Security protocols
    • Multimedia security and forensics
    • Cloud computing security
    • Security & privacy in information systems
    • Innovations in security technologies
    • Security management and governance


  • Cloud computing

  • Cloud standards, cloud reliability, secure cloud computing, cloud management, cloud databases, private vs. public clouds, cloud internetworking, virtual private inter-cloud, cloud applications

  • Fault Tolerant Computing

  • survivability quantification, security quantification, self-healing, self-protecting and fault-tolerant, software aging and rejuvenation, safety-critical systems and software, architecture and system design for dependability, fault tolerant algorithms and protocols, tools for design and evaluation of dependable systems

  • Information Security in Internet

  • Digital rights management, copyright protection scheme, access control, database security, cryptographic protocols, distributed systems security, intrusion detection and avoidance, secure electronics commence, data & system integrity, privacy and anonymity, authentication, security and protection of IT infrastructure, wireless network security, multimedia security, digital forensics, watermarking, cryptography, virus detection and prevention, image copyright protection

Special Session Other relevant topics in biometrics and security technologies


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