Safety of ships especially their stability has always been the concern for the international maritime community. The first international conference on Stability of Ships and Ocean Vehicles (STAB) was held in Glasgow, Scotland in 1975. Since then, the conference was held every 3 years. It has now become tradition that the International Ship Stability Workshops (ISSW) areheld annually prior to the STAB conferences. The last ISSW was successfully held in Brest, France and now the 14th International Ship Stability Workshop will be in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia prior to the STAB conference in 2015 in Glasgow.

    Whilst, a wide large range of issues related to stability of ships and ocean vehicles are covered during the STAB conferences, the workshops are organised to focus more on particular subjects and recent developments in the field. As such, the workshop will discuss on recent developments of new regulations, new types of ships and predicting their stability, current research challenges, stability accidents, and others. The format of the workshop will allow the participants to have not only in-depth discussions, but also an opportunity to ask questions from the experts in their quest to obtain answers in the related fields of ship stability.


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An Initial Investigation Toward Understanding Scale Effects in Dynamic Stability Predictions
Stability Analysis of a Wing in Ground Effect Craft
Comparison of Survivability between SOLAS 90 95 and SOLAS 2009 ships A Retrospective view 10 years on from project HARDER