Updated on March 12, 2010

The INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY CONFERENCE & EXHIBITION (IUSRCE 2010 and 2nd USRIC 2010) is an international conference on social responsibility first initiated in Malaysia and organised by Universiti Teknologi Malaysia in collaboration with UNESCO, USR Alliance,USA and Kolej Komuniti, Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi Malaysia. The conference provides a platform for those who are interested to share and exchange ideas on social responsibility related issues. It hopes to develop and strengthen relationship in view of building a strong network and fostering continuous future collaboration among participants. Organisations such as institutions of higher learning, corporate bodies, government agencies and NGO(s) are invited to take part in this international conference. In general, this conference welcomes paper presentations, poster presentations and exhibitions emphasising on social responsibility programme development from various aspects including those on entrepreneurship, sustainability, green technology, poverty, culture and education.


“Embracing New Economy with Community-based Social Innovations”

Anticipating the unveiling of the New Economic Model by the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dato' Sri Mohd Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak, UTM invites all to celebrate the nation's initiative in making a quantum leap to become a high-income country. Measures and means have long been taken to increase productivity through creativity and innovative spirit to sustain exponential growth in nation's development. Yet, until recently, concerted efforts to promote the capacity for social innovations in achieving the outcome have been limited. This conference, themed Embracing New Economy with Community-based Social Innovations, focuses on discussing and discovering new strategies, concepts, ideas and innovations that meet social needs while being in consonance with the thrust of the country's economic planning. Emerging as a promising approach for the development of the community on a global scale, community-based social innovations are investments for producing first class human capital capable of attaining new heights of success.


The conference objectives are:

  • To discuss and foster social responsibility in sustainable development.
  • To explore methods strategies and experiences of the institutions of higher learning, corporate bodies, government agencies and NGO(s) in organising social-related activities.
  • To build network and share experiences as well as practices between universities and corporate bodies.
  • To provide a medium for social responsibility development via paper and poster presentations.
  • To create opportunities for local and international students and staff to exchange ideas and views to further enhance the social responsibility programme.

Expected Outcomes
  1. Provides an avenue for sharing and learning powerful content and thought-provoking ideas delivered by leading industry speakers and other practitioners to enhance sustainability of community development.
  2. Establishes strategic and lasting partnership and networking with ardent organisation who are advocates of socially responsible nation.
  3. Reinforces corporate image, increases market visibility and public awareness, and enhances organisation's standing within the wider community.
  4. Fosters relevant and profit-generating institutional goals and capabilities by aligning them with social responsibility strategies and responses gauged from captive audience.

Who Should Attend

This conference caters for participation up to 150 paper presentations, 100 poster presentations, 50 exhibition booths and 300 participants. Academicians, undergraduates and postgraduates, government agencies, corporate bodies, and non-governmental organisations who are directly involved with social responsibility field are welcome to participate. Companies who are interested to promote their products, specialities and technologies to enhance social responsibility activities are also invited to take part in the exhibition.