Keynote Speakers

Updated on March 3rd, 2010





Prof. Dr. Molly N.N. Lee

Prof. Dr. Molly N.N. Lee is the Coordinator of the Asia-Pacific Programme of education Programme for Development (APEID) and Programme Specialist in Higher Education at UNESCO Asia and the Pacific Regional Bureau for Education in Bangkok. As the Coordinator of APEID, she runs programmes on higher education, technical and vocational education, education for sustainable development and ICT in education. Prior to joining UNESCO Bangkok she was a Professor of Education at Universiti Sains Malaysia. Dr. Lee has a Ph.D in International Development Education, a master’s degree in Sociology from Stanford University and a Master’s in Education Planning and Development from University of London Institute of Education. Her research interests are higher education, teacher education, globalization and education and gender and education. Dr. Lee has published extensively on issues and topics relating to education in Malaysia.












Saninuj Sawasdikosol

Saninuj Sawasdikosol (P. Moral) is a Global Expert on University Social Responsibility and a President of University Social Responsibility Alliance (USR Alliance), JP Moral, San Travel Service & Business Consultants, and Thai Language Center (TLC) in San Francisco, U.S.A. She has been involved in social work with both Thais and Americans for the past 25 years. She is one of the most well known cross-cultural leaders in the San Francisco Bay Area and having been a frequent guest lecturer and instructor at universities and corporations including CISCO; Hewlett Packard; Intel; AT&T; MCI; Stanford University; University of California, Berkeley; University of California, San Francisco; University of California, San Jose; San Francisco State University; the University of San Francisco and numerous universities around the world. Her ultimate vision is to teach people to learn to see the value within themselves, to enable them to discern the difference between right and wrong, to know how to lead and to follow, to live in a peaceful society and offer a helping hand to others, to be responsible for themselves as well as for society. She strongly believes in business ethics, corporate governance, social responsibility, human rights, women’s rights and in the promotion of “green” business. She ardently works against domestic violence, abusive relationships, child labor, women/human trafficking and other unfair and illegal activities. She wants to make USR Alliance to become a university’s network to promote the pivotal role of universities in the area of social responsibility and to be a part of the global crisis resolution. She applied all of the techniques for each university to make their students graduated with sustainable social responsibility. She has received many awards including the Merit Award from the City of San Francisco, Bay Area Professional American Business Woman, Who’s Who in Executives Women and Professionals and Who’s Who in Executives and Businesses.