Presentations may relate to the following major strands within the theme of the seminar:

Teaching / Teacher Training

  • English for Academic Purposes (EAP)
  • Teaching Methodology
  • Materials Design and Adaptation
  • Curriculum and Syllabus Design
  • Testing and Evaluation
  • Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL)
  • LSP Initiatives (e.g. Projects, Techniques, Innovations)
  • Adult Learning
  • Computer Mediated Communication (CMC)
  • Distance Learning

Professional Areas

  • English for Specific Purposes (ESP)/Language for Specific Purposes (LSP)
  • English for Professional Purposes/English for Occupational Purposes (EOP) (e.g. Tourism, Journalism, Health, Engineering)
  • Workplace Literacy
  • Business English
  • Collaborative projects with industries


  • Media
  • Information Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Corporate and Organisational Communication
  • Interpersonal Communication

Research Issues

  • Ethics
  • Genre/Discourse Analysis
  • Linguistics/Applied Linguistics
  • Needs Analysis
  • Target Situation Analysis

Language Consultancy

  • Editing
  • Translation
  • Language audit

Presentation Format

Presentations can be done in the following formats:

  • Parallel Papers
  • Workshops
  • Demonstrations
  • Multimedia/Video Presentations
  • Postgraduate Student Research Presentations
  • Poster Presentations
  • Commercial Presentations

Language of presentation:

  • English
  • Bahasa Melayu


Department of Modern Languages,
Faculty of Management and Human Resource Development
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
School of Professional and Continuing Education
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia