The Language for Specific Purposes International Seminar 2021 (LSP 2021) is the 12th Language for Specific Purposes International Seminar hosted by Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM).

Based on the theme "Language in Practice: Making a Difference", this seminar provides the avenue for the discussion and deliberation of pertinent issues related to language use, practice and research in various language for specific purposes contexts.

This LSP 2021 Seminar also aims to be the platform for sharing of ideas, insights, experience and expertise in work-related contexts as well as practical and innovative approaches and methodology in diverse language teaching and learning environments and specific language learning contexts.

These concerns are in line with the current global environment that is becoming increasingly competitive and challenging. There is a need to prepare our young graduates and working adults with the communicative competence and confidence to function effectively to meet the demands of life and work in the 21st Century in various academic, social, employment and professional contexts. To make a difference and to remain relevant, it is crucial to strengthen human resource potential and communicative competence and capacity in language use.

We are pleased to invite academics, educators, professionals, language practitioners, teachers, teacher trainers, postgraduates and undergraduates, representatives from government agencies, industries, corporate bodies and non-governmental organisations to come on board and participate in this seminar, and submit abstracts for presentations for this LSP 2021 Seminar.

Important Dates

19 November 2021 (Friday) 8 November 2021 (Monday)
– Deadline for extended abstract

26 November 2021 (Friday) 15 November 2021 (Monday) –
Notification of acceptance

30 November 2021 (Tuesday) 22 November 2021 (Monday)
Submission of video

30 November 2021 (Tuesday) 22 November 2021 (Monday)
Deadline for payment for participants and presenters

6 – 7 December 2021 (Monday - Tuesday) –
Conference LSP 2021

News and announcement

120 expected to attend LSP 2021