Title of Talks

1. Professor Dr. Barry O’Sullivan
Title: Assessing English for Academic Purposes in the AI World

2. Prof. Dr Zuraidah Mohd. Don
Title: From Abstract Concepts to Classroom Practice: Implementing the CEFR in Malaysia

3. Mr. Masato Sanpei & Assoc. Prof. R. Kumaraguru
Title: The Japanese Language Level and its Preparation for Securing Jobs in Japan

4. Assoc. Prof. Dr Ian Moodie
Title: Commitment to English Language Teaching: Insights Regarding Commitment, Well-Being, and Turnover Intentions in the Workplace

5. Dr. Johanna Moterram
Title: Long-distance (research) Relationships: Taking Remote Work to New Lengths

6. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hariharan Krishnasamy
Title: Technology-Enhanced Language Learning in the Realm of LSP

7. Ms. Hamidah Minhaj
Title: The importance of Effective English Communication in the Workplace