Keynote Speaker

Professor Pericles Locoupolos
Management Science and Information Systems
Loughborough Universitiy, UK

Professor Pericles Locoupolos is a professor at the Management Science and Information Systems, Loughborough Universitiy, UK. He is currently the Director of Postgraduate Research Programmes for the Business School and the Research Co-ordinator of the Management Science and Information Systems Research Group. His research work focuses on supporting the transformation of large, complex and dynamic enterprise systems through the provision of information systems. Theoretical results derived from his research are applied on industrial scale problems in a variety of domains, such as banking, utilities, large-scale sports events etc.

His research has been supported by numerous research grants totalling in excess of €4.2 million to my research team, funded by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, the Commission of the European Union, the USA National Science Foundation and industry. He is editors to many journals and has published in leading journals such as ACM TOSEM, IEEE Trans on SMC, Information Systems, Information Systems Journal, Journal of Systems and Software, Information Software Technology and CAIS and many others.

Aziz Deraman, Prof Dr,
B.Sc.Hons (UKM), MSc (Glasgow), PhD (UMIST)
Vice Chancellor
University Malaysia Terengganu (UMT)

Prof Dr. Aziz Deraman, is a professor of Software Engineering specialising in software process, management and certification. He is currently the Vice Chancellor at University Malaysia Terengganu (UMT). He also affiliated with various organisations and industries as an adviser, panel as well as a resident consultant in information technology. His research mainly focuses on IT strategic planning, software management and certification, medical computing and community computing. He has served as a consultant to several small and medium enterprises, large organizations, and government agencies.

His major research and development efforts includes the development of agriculture and e-community portals, software certification model, establishing standards and guidelines for organisation IT strategic planning, UKM Information Systems (Student, Financial & Human Resource Systems), ITHHO Information System, KUSZA Information Systems, IT Strategic Report For the State of Terengganu, Benefit and Monitoring Education System for MOE and preparing the tender specification for a Total Hospital Information systems (HUKM). His other  ICT project contributions  as a consultant are e-Ketengah (KETENGAH), Infodesa (KPLB), e-jariah (YAPEIM), e-WargaKota (DBKL), Bestari.Comm (Terengganu) and as a chief ICT Project Auditor (Terengganu). For his research efforts, he has published more than 100 articles and reports in journals, proceedings, books and other media both local and international.

Haji Safiee Bin Haji Mohammad
Bachelor of Mathematics, University of Malaya.

 Haji Safiee En Safiee Mohammad graduated from the University of Malaya with an Hons Degree in Mathematics in 1977. Upon graduation he joined Maybank Information Division as an Analyst Programmer.

At Maybank he held the positions of Systems Analyst, Head of Application Systems, Head of Computer Operation and finally he was promoted to Head the Information Systems Division.

En Safiee Mohammad left Maybank in 1996, to joint PNB as the Chief Executive Officer for its newly setup PNB Information Systems Sdn Berhad, which later changed its name to HeiTech Padu Berhad when it turns into a Public Listed Company.

Effective from 2011, he is the Executive Director of HeiTech Padu Berhad.
Among his other responsibilities include:

1) Technology Advisor to the HeiTech Padu Berhad
2) Chairman of HeiTech Subsidiaries
3) Industry Advisory Panel Member of MSU and Politeknik