We welcome contributions that address the theme of "Software in the Cloud: The Way Forward” and other topics of interest including, but not limited to the following:

Requirements Engineering

Software Performance Engineering

Software Architecture

Software Security, Safety, and Reliability

Software Development Methods

Agile Software Development Methods

Software Testing, Verification and Validation

Software Engineering Environments and Tools

Program Analysis and Understanding

Empirical Software Engineering

Software Maintenance and Evolution

Model Driven Architectures

Software Metrics and Measurement

Service Oriented Architectures

Software Processes and Quality

Object and Component Based Software Engineering

Cloud Based Software Systems

Web-Based Software Engineering

Software Reuse

Distributed and Parallel Software Engineering

Product Line Engineering

Embedded and Real-Time Software Systems

Formal Methods

Mobile and Ubiquitous Software Systems

Agent-Based Software Engineering

Context-aware and Adaptive Software Systems

Software Project Management

Knowledge based software engineering

Standards and Legal Issues

Intelligent Software Engineering

Software Engineering Education

Software Engineering in Practice