Conference will be held at Seasons View (Level 1), Hotel Grand Seasons KL.



The current recession is shifting priorities and redefining the list of employer’s issues and concerns. These are felt by HR professionals. Downsizing is now a common business practice and the market is flooded with job seekers. Organizations are reevaluating whether they have the right kind of people and the right number of people and how they can emerge from this new turbulence successfully. With the prevalent financial hardship, this has put HR strategies to their ultimate test.

Employers should reexamine their situation to improve their market share and profitability, become more competitive in the face of increasing competition, improve their effectiveness, and utilize their capital and human resources more efficiently. Employers should come up with the best HR practices and strategies during recession or economic downturns. Changes in the economic climate should provide them with the challenges and opportunities to analyze HR strategies and this conference is organised to provide these purposes and needs.


School of Professional and Continuing Education (SPACE)
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Malaysian Institute of Human Resource Management