The 2007 Regional Conference on Engineering Education (RCEE 2007) is aimed to provide opportunities to participants to exchange ideas and findings, to promote knowledge sharing and co-operation in the field of engineering education particularly in Asia Pacific region. It is an ideal forum for networking aimed at enhancing the quality and effectiveness of engineering education, and keeping abreast with new developments in engineering education.

Engineering education faces significant challenges from globalisation, rapid technological evolution, and problems related with funding for higher education. The rapidly emerging global economy has a strong influence on career prospects and the employment patterns of engineering graduates.

This year we are focussed on addressing the current challenges facing engineering education in producing world class human capital. The development of the human capital is essential to produce sufficient knowledge workers that are needed by most nations to achieve a knowledge-based economy.

  • To provide avenue to present ideas and studies related to the aspect of human capital development.
  • To provide opportunities to interact with world leading figures in engineering education in a premier event of the Asia Pacific region
  • To provide avenue to network and exchange ideas with stakeholders from industry and academia in the region
  • A chance to contribute and share knowledge towards achieving excellence in engineering education


  • Professor Dr. Duncan McKenzie Frazer
    Faculty of Engineering & the Built Environment
    University of Cape Town

  • Karl Smith, Ph.D.
    Department of Engineering Education
    Purdue University

  • Mona Dahms, Ph.D.
    Department of Development & Planning
    Aalborg University, Denmark

  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
    Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
    Skudai, Johor, MALAYSIA
Case Studies
Education Technology
Engineering Accreditation
Engineering Curriculum
Engineering Projects
Engineering Technologist
First Year Experience
Generic Skill Development
International Collaboration
Lab-based Training/ Practical/Industrial Training
Lifelong Learning
Multi-Disciplinary Education
On-Line Education
Outcome-based Learning
Students Centred-Learning
University-Industry Collaboration
Others related to engineering education